The IT-M3900D is a new line of accurate and compact programmable DC power supplies from Itech. Available in power ratings from 2kW to 12kW, these power supplies position themselves nicely in that area between the already existing IT-M3100 series for smaller power ratings and the IT6000D series for large power ratings. There is a choice of 25 versions covering voltage ranges from 0 to 10V, 32V, 80V, 300V, 500V, 800V and 1500V and current ranges run up to a maximum of 1020A. All this with an efficiency of up to 95%; this keeps the losses in converting the AC mains voltage to the requested DC voltage to a minimum even at full power.


Typical of the IT-M3900D is its ultra-compact enclosure of only 1U and 2U rack height for capacities up to 6kW and 12kW, respectively. Partly due to its modular design, this makes the power supply ideal for space-saving installation in ATE systems. But also on a test bench, these power supplies can be easily and safely stacked without compromising heat dissipation. Up to at least 8 units can easily be connected in parallel for higher outputs. This can be done very easily by looping multiple IT-M3900s through with an optical cable and putting the setup in Master/Slave mode. Excellent performance and stability remain guaranteed.


Like most ITECH DC power supplies, this IT-M3900D series is equipped with auto ranging powerflex functionality. The maximum power of this power supply can be used over a wider voltage and current range than conventional DC power supplies. As an example, the 80V 12kW IT3912-80-240 power supply: at 80V up to 150A can be supplied, but at voltages from 50V and below, 240A is the maximum current.

The Itech IT-M3900D features an innovative CC/CV priority setting to maximize its test compatibility. Under CV priority mode, the power supply can obtain faster voltage rise times to reproduce transients, among others. Switching to CC priority mode is going to ensure that there is no overshoot due to peak current during switching. This in turn is suitable for performing tests on semiconductors that can be sensitive to current spikes.

Furthermore, the Itech IT-M3900D excels with its user-friendly user interface. It can be operated manually as well as with a PC and the free control software. With this, measurements can be easily performed and stored. DC voltage and current sequences up to 200 steps with variable rise and fall times can be programmed, executed and stored with the built-in LIST function. Self programming can be done with the most common communication protocols CANOPEN, SCPI and LXI. The IT-M3900D is equipped as standard with the usual USB, CAN, LAN and Digital I/O interfaces for this purpose, optionally GPIB and RS232 also remain among the possibilities. To ensure safe operation, the power supplies are OVP, OCP, OPP and temperature protected.


Model Voltage Current Power
IT-M3901D-10-170 10V 170A 1700W
IT-M3903D-10-340 10V 340A 3400W
IT-M3905D-10-510 10V 510A 5100W
IT-M3910D-10-1020 10V 1020A 10200W
IT-M3902D-32-80 32V 80A 2kW
IT-M3904D-32-160 32V 160A 4kW
IT-M3906D-32-240 32V 240A 6kW
IT-M3912D-32-480 32V 480A 12kW
IT-M3902D-80-40 80V 40A 2kW
IT-M3904D-80-80 80V 80A 4kW
IT-M3906D-80-120 80V 120A 6kW
IT-M3912D-80-240 80V 240A 12kW
IT-M3902D-300-20 300V 20A 2kW
IT-M3904D-300-40 300V 40A 4kW
IT-M3906D-300-60 300V 60A 6kW
IT-M3912D-300-120 300V 120A 12kW
IT-M3902D-500-12 500V 12A 2kW
IT-M3904D-500-24 500V 24A 4kW
IT-M3906D-500-36 500V 36A 6kW
IT-M3912D-500-72 500V 72A 12kW
IT-M3902D-800-8 800V 8A 2kW
IT-M3904D-800-16 800V 16A 4kW
IT-M3906D-800-24 800V 24A 6kW
IT-M3912D-800-48 800V 48A 12kW
IT-M3906D-1500-12 1500V 12A 6kW

Both in production environments and research departments, the IT-M3900D series can be an interesting asset. For bi-directional applications, please refer to the IT-M3900B and the IT-M3900C.

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