The IT-M3900C compact bi-directional DC power supplies series are an interesting addition to Itech’s already extensive range. These DC power supplies are bi-directional and can supply current and power as well as record and feed back to the grid. Switching from source to sink is hereby done automatically, quickly and seamlessly without switching spikes in voltage and current. In source mode, the IT-M3900C supports CV/CC and CP priority, in sink mode it is CV/CC/CP and CR priority. Together with the adjustable output impedance we get a very capable DC power system for battery cycle testing, battery emulation and other 2-quadrant applications.

Versions of the IT-M3900C Compact bi-directional DC power supplies

The IT-M3900C Compact bi-directional DC power supplies line is available in power ratings from 2kW to 6kW in a very compact 1U high enclosure. The 12kW versions are in a still respectably compact 2U high enclosure. There is a choice of 25 models covering the voltage range of 10V, 32V, 80V, 300V, 500V, 800V and 1500V. Current ranges run through to 1020A and are expandable by parallel switching up to a maximum of 16 units. The excellent specifications are not affected by this. Due to the powerflex range of voltage and current, the maximum output of the IT-M3900C is flexible and 1 power supply can cover multiple application requirements. To ensure safe operation, the power supplies are OVP, OCP, OPP and temperature protected.

Battery testing and emulation

The IT-M3900C power system is ideal for use as a battery emulator for simulating battery modules and packs. As a battery simulator, the power supply can be quickly and easily set to the required different State of Charge (SoC) levels. As well as parameters such as terminal voltage at full and empty capacity, internal resistance and total battery capacity. This way, there is no need to go through the real charge and discharge cycle of a physical battery. During testing of battery-powered product designs, this will significantly reduce testing time and efficiency. With the optional BSS2000 software, the most complex battery profiles can be easily programmed, stored and simulated. For durability, reliability and characterization testing of batteries, the IT-M3900C is equipped with a built-in battery test function. This makes it very suitable for performing charge and discharge cycles in single and multi-channel setups. Fully automated if required.

Simulating solar panels

The IT-M3900C series power supplies are equipped with a built-in MPTT mechanism for simulating the photovoltaic curve of solar panels. Users can also opt for the optional SAS1000 software that can simulate up to 100 IV curves of solar panels accurately and under changing temperature and shade conditions. Extremely adequate to test the performance of photovoltaic inverters.

Automotive standards

The IT-M3900C series power supplies also offer built-in test curves for automotive applications that comply with the latest standards such as LV123, LV148, DIN40839, ISO-16750-2, SAEJ1113-11, LV124 and ISO21848. Easy to recall from memory and time-saving for the user. Getting started building DC test curves yourself is also possible. With the LIST function, up to 200 steps can be set where voltage, current, rise and fall times are variable as a function of time. Self-programming is also possible with the most common communication protocols CANOPEN, SCPI and LXI. For this, the IT-M3900C is equipped as standard with the usual USB, CAN, LAN and Digital I/O interfaces.

Models of the IT-M3900C Compact bi-directional DC power supplies

Model Voltage Current Power
IT-M3901C-10-170 10V  -120~170A  -1200~1700W
IT-M3903C-10-340 10V  -240~340A  -2400~3400W
IT-M3905C-10-510 10V  -360~510A  -3600~5100W
IT-M3910C-10-1020 10V  -720~1020A  -7200~10200W
IT-M3902C-32-80 32V 80A 2kW
IT-M3904C-32-160 32V 160A 4kW
IT-M3906C-32-240 32V 240A 6kW
IT-M3912C-32-480 32V 480A 12kW
IT-M3902C-80-40 80V 40A 2kW
IT-M3904C-80-80 80V 80A 4kW
IT-M3906C-80-120 80V 120A 6kW
IT-M3912C-80-240 80V 240A 12kW
IT-M3902C-300-20 300V 20A 2kW
IT-M3904C-300-40 300V 40A 4kW
IT-M3906C-300-60 300V 60A 6kW
IT-M3912C-300-120 300V 120A 12kW
IT-M3902C-500-12 500V 12A 2kW
IT-M3904C-500-24 500V 24A 4kW
IT-M3906C-500-36 500V 36A 6kW
IT-M3912C-500-72 500V 72A 12kW
IT-M3902C-800-8 800V 8A 2kW
IT-M3904C-800-16 800V 16A 4kW
IT-M3906C-800-24 800V 24A 6kW
IT-M3912C-800-48 800V 48A 12kW
IT-M3906C-1500-12 1500V 12A 6kW

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