The Itech IT-M3900B series is an interesting addition to Itech’s already extensive range of DC power supplies/DC loads.
The IT-M3900B DC power supply/load is available in ratings of 2kW, 4kW and 6kW in a very compact 1U high enclosure. There is also a 12kW version in a 2U high enclosure. With a combination of voltage ranges of 10V, 32V, 80V, 300V, 500V, 800V and 1500V, current ranges up to 1020A and the powerflex capability of these power supplies we actually cover the entire range of applications within the power models. If we need more power or current this is easily achieved by parallel switching up to a maximum of 16 units. The excellent specifications are not affected by this.

Regenerative DC power supply/load

In regenerative bi-directional DC power supply mode the power supply can supply both current and power as well as absorb and feed back to the grid. Switching from supply to load is hereby done automatically, quickly and seamlessly without voltage and current switching peaks. As a bi-directional regenerative DC power supply, the IT-M3900B can operate in CV, CC and CP modes. As a full regenerative load, this is a lot more comprehensive with CV, CC, CP, CR, CC+CV, CR+CC and CC+CV+CP+CR. Of course, this DC power supply/load also has OVP, OCP, OPP and temperature protection.

Automotive standards

The built-in test curves for the automotive industry Makes this power supply especially also suitable for testing electric vehicles according to the latest standards such as LV123, LV148, DIN40839, ISO-16750-2, SAEJ1113-11, LV124 and ISO21848. These standards are easily recalled from the power supply’s internal memory which saves a huge amount of time for the user.
The LIST function can also be used to build new standards yourself with a variation of set voltage, current, rise and fall times as a function of time.

Battery testing and emulation

The IT-M3900B power/load is ideally suited for testing batteries. Both charge and discharge data can be programmed in such a way that a battery can be fully automatically tested for capacity with, of course, required safety parameters included. The data of the test are stored internally and can later be used for reporting.

Emulation of batteries is also possible. The IT-M3900 can be set quickly and easily by means of parameters terminal voltage at full and empty capacity, internal resistance and total battery capacity. Once these are programmed, the user can quickly switch to different State of Charge (SoC) levels as the test requires. This way, there is no need to go through the actual charge and discharge cycle of a physical battery. During testing of battery powered product designs, this will reduce test time and efficiency considerably.
With the optional BSS2000 software, the most complex battery profiles can be easily programmed, stored and simulated.

Of course, the IT-M3900 power supplies can also be used in automatic test systems.

Models IT-M3900B DC power supply/load

Model Voltage Current Power
IT-M3901B-10-170 10V  -120~170A  -1200~1700W
IT-M3903B-10-340 10V  -240~340A  -2400~3400W
IT-M3905B-10-510 10V  -360~510A  -3600~5100W
IT-M3910B-10-1020 10V  -720~1020A  -7200~10200W
IT-M3902B-32-80 32V ±80A ±2kW
IT-M3904B-32-160 32V ±160A ±4kW
IT-M3906B-32-240 32V ±240A ±6kW
IT-M3912B-32-480 32V ±480A ±12kW
IT-M3902B-80-40 80V ±40A ±2kW
IT-M3904B-80-80 80V ±80A ±4kW
IT-M3906B-80-120 80V ±120A ±6kW
IT-M3912B-80-240 80V ±240A ±12kW
IT-M3902B-300-20 300V ±20A ±2kW
IT-M3904B-300-40 300V ±40A ±4kW
IT-M3906B-300-60 300V ±60A ±6kW
IT-M3912B-300-120 300V ±120A ±12kW
IT-M3902B-500-12 500V ±12A ±2kW
IT-M3904B-500-24 500V ±24A ±4kW
IT-M3906B-500-36 500V ±36A ±6kW
IT-M3912B-500-72 500V ±72A ±12kW
IT-M3902B-800-8 800V ±8A ±2kW
IT-M3904B-800-16 800V ±16A ±4kW
IT-M3906B-800-24 800V ±24A ±6kW
IT-M3912B-800-48 800V ±48A ±12kW
IT-M3906B-1500-12 1500V ±12A ±6kW


The unit comes standard with USB, CAN, LAN and Digital I/O interfaces. Optional GPIB and RS232 interfaces are also available.

Open the datasheet for detailed specifications of this product.

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