IT-M3400 ultra compact bi-directional DC power supplies

The Itech IT-M3400 ultra compact bi-directional DC power supplies come in a very compact housing of ½ 19″ rack width and 1U height, and this with a voltage range of 60V, 150V, 300V and 600V at capacities of 200W, 400W and 800W. Higher power outputs can easily be achieved by connecting 16 units in parallel. And this on 16 different channels that can be controlled separately by means of a single interface connection.

The IT-M3400 is a bi-directional regenerative power supply. This means that it can switch very quickly and automatically between sourcing and sinking. Due to its regenerative character, the power supply achieves a high efficiency of 90%, saving on electricity costs and eliminating the need for additional cooling.

Testing and simulation

The IT-M3400 ultra compact bi-directional DC power supplies have a comprehensive test and simulation function for battery charging and discharging. During testing, protection limits for current, voltage, capacity and charging time can be set. If these limits are exceeded, the power supply stops its charging cycle. In the simulation mode a battery model can easily be defined by setting voltage, capacity, internal resistance and charging percentage. Battery matrices, charge and discharge curves can be programmed or imported from Matlab using the optional BSS2000 software.

In LIST mode up to 100 steps per sequence can be programmed. The IT-M3400 also features a CC / CV priority function, eliminating current and voltage peaks.

Communication and multi-security

The IT-M3400 series power supplies are OVP, OCP, OPP and OTP secured and can optionally be equipped with various interfaces such as RS232, RS485, CAN, LAN, USB_TMC and VCP. The most common communication protocols are supported, including CANOPEN, SCPI and LXI.

The user-friendly operation and high precision in a compact housing makes this power supply an excellent candidate for automated bi-directional multi-channel power and battery testing. The IT-M3400 is of course also perfect to use as a modular stackable table-top model for development and design verification.

Versions IT-M3400 ultra compact bi-directional DC power supplies

An overview of the different versions can be found below.

IT-M3412 60V 30A 200W
IT-M3422 60V 30A 400W
IT-M3432 60V 30A 800W
IT-M3413 150V 12A 200W
IT-M3423 150V 12A 400W
IT-M3433 150V 12A 800W
IT-M3414 300V 6A 200W
IT-M3424 300V 6A 400W
IT-M3434 300V 6A 800W
IT-M3415 600V 3A 200W
IT-M3425 600V 3A 400W
IT-M3435 600V 3A 800W


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