The Itech IT7300 programmable AC power supplies sets the new standard for high quality AC power supplies. This series is equipped with all important functions, such as electrical power line failure (PLD) simulation, triac-dimmer simulation and extensive measurement functions. The IT7300 series has built-in LAN, RS232/USB communication interfaces. It can be applied in commercial, power electronics and military test applications, both in the R&D lab and in production testers.


The Itech IT7300 series uses the latest linear amplifier technology which significantly reduces the output noise and provides stable operation. The lower ripple voltage of this AC power supply ensures more accurate measurement results. The IT7300 series uses advanced DSPs to obtain true RMS voltage measurement, true RMS current measurement, real power, frequency, power factor and peak value at high speed and with high precision. In addition, the high resolution of 0.01 W/0.1 mA exceeds the ENERGY STAR test standard. The IT7300 series is not only an AC power supply, but also a high quality meter. The user can set the start and stop phase angle within a range of 0~360°. This feature is widely used to test the impact of on/off currents or various performance tests of rectifiers, power supplies, and so on.


The Itech IT7300 series offers powerful functions for simulating all kinds of mains power disturbances. The STEP and PULSE modes provide a method for performing a single step or continuous output variations. The LIST mode, up to 100 sequences, extends this function when more complex waveforms need to be generated. In this way, the IT7300 series is able to simulate all kinds of voltage dips, surges, sags or trapped waves. It enables users to perform pre-compliance testing according to IEC 61000-4-11 and compliance testing according to IEC 61000-4-14/-4-28. In addition to List mode and adjustable phase angle at start and protection, the power supplies also offer Sweep mode of voltage and frequency. The IT7300 series is OTP, OCP, and OPP protected. The series includes models with a power from 750 VA to 3 kVA with frequencies from 45 Hz to 500 Hz.

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