IT-M3200 High Precision DC Power Supplies

The Itech IT-M3200 high precision DC power supplies are part of the versatile IT-M3000 series. These ultra compact DC power supplies house a lot of power and precision in a very compact housing of ½ wide 19″ rack module of 1U high.


The DC power supplies in this series are available in a 100W, 200W and 360W version with a voltage and current range of 0-60VDC, 0-10A and versions from 0-20VDC and 0-20A. Characteristic for this high precision power supply is the programming resolution of 1mV and 1 mA, the 10 nA measuring resolution (in the 100µA range) and the extremely high stability. The power supplies are protected against OVP/OCP/OTP/OPP/UVP/UCP.
The LIST function offers the possibility to define voltage and/or current forms with adjustable rise and fall times.

To meet the current measurement needs from the ampere to micro ampere level, the IT-M3200 offers a multi-level range (Low/Middle/High/Auto). Striking is the 10 nA resolution of the current measurement in the low, 100uA range.
The multi-channel power design of the IT-M3100 makes it possible to control 16 units independently with a single interface. The modular design with side ventilation makes it easy to stack these DC power supplies.

Optional interfaces such as RS232, RS485, CAN, LAN, USB_TMC and VCP are available. Most communication protocols are also supported, including CANOPEN, SCPI and LXI.


Model Voltage Current Power
IT-M3223 60V 10A 100W
IT-M3233 60V 10A 200W
IT-M3243 60V 10A 360W
IT-M3253 20V 20A 100W
IT-M3263 20V 20A 200W
IT-M3273 20V 20A 360W

The IT-M3200 High Precision DC power supplies are suitable for testing in the field of 5G, for portable devices such as PCs, tablets, mobile phones, IoT applications and other products with low power consumption.

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