Isotech TTI-22 high-precision thermometer

The Isotech TTI-22 high-precision thermometer simply sets new price/performance standards for industrial and secondary resistance thermometers. If you want high accuracy at an affordable price, look to the TTI-22.

The Isotech TTI-22 has an accuracy of 0.001°C and a resolution of 0.0001°C (0.00004 50 Ohm). It has two input channels, is light (1.8kg) and can run for more than 10 hours on 2 AA batteries. It has both RS232 and Ethernet ports. Easy to use, it supports both an industrial 100 Ohm probe and SPRTs to ITS-90, 25.5 and 100 Ohm. Up to 30 probe calibrations can be stored, along with a calibration expiration date, so the TTI 22 can alert you when the calibration time is exceeded. Built-in statistical calculations can show both measured and average values along with the standard deviation from previous measurements.

The TTI-22 is ideal as a reference standard alongside liquid calibration baths for highly accurate calibration with dry blocks and to use a demanding stand-alone measurement.

Previously, this level of performance was only achieved by specialist laboratories with expensive thermometer bridges. The TTI-22 delivers 5 to 10 times the performance of instruments in the same price range.

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