Since 1995 Isotech produces several designs of special Au/Pt, Pt/Pd, Pd/Au thermocouples for researchers. From their experience they can now offer the most popular of these, the Isotech Thermocouple Standards Platinum/Gold (Au/Pt) in a standard form.

All wires are 99.999+% pure and are fully annealed according to McLaren’s recommendations. Assembly also follows its instructions, which have never been surpassed.

After final assembly and annealing, the Au/Pt thermocouples will comply with IEC 62460, Edition 1 2008-07. For the smallest uncertainties we calibrate the thermocouple at the Zinc, Aluminium and Silver Fixed Points.


1. All materials are selected for their purity and high quality.
2. All parts are pre-treated and annealed before assembly.
3. The construction allows differential expansion of the gold and platinum by having a coil of platinum. to bridge the two thermocouples when measuring Crossroads.
4. There are no connections between the measuring and reference nodes.
5. The reference node is also examined and Isotech uses thermally pure copper wire of a selected diameter pre-treated in inert gas to maintain the accuracy of the measuring node.
6. The reference node shall be placed in an accurate reference system such as a Water Triple Point Cell or an Isotech Ice Point reference.
7. An article describing the construction, handling and operation of the thermocouple is supplied free of charge with each unit.

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