The Isotech Standard thermocouples are suitable for use as a reference in Isotech Dry Blocks and for use with temperature indicators. Details of Isotech standard laboratory grade thermocouples with individual cold welded joints can be found in the publication “Solutions for primary and secondary laboratories“.

These semi-standards are cheaper and suitable for various industrial applications. The 935-14-91 is made of Platinum and Platinum-Rhodium alloys and can be used up to 1300°C. It is recommended for the Pegasus 1200 and general applications. It has 1 meter of compensating cable terminated with a miniature thermocouple plug. The 935-14-88 is similar to the 14-91, but is completely made of precious metals, with platinum wires up to the miniature connector.

There is a range of high quality mineral insulated metal sheaths (MIMS) type N thermocouples. These instruments are cheaper than the precious metals and, if necessary, can be bent to the desired shape. They are suitable for use in Isotech Dry Blocks and for general measurement and calibration applications.

System accuracy or system uncertainty depends on the application and with which instrument they are used. The table in the datasheet shows the uncertainties that Isotech can offer with optional UKAS calibration from their accredited laboratory.

For more information on temperature sensors please refer to the overview page.

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