Isotech Saturn 877 calibration furnace for thermocouples

The Isotech Saturn 877 calibration furnace for thermocouples is a spherical furnace consisting of a number of concentric reservoirs. The spun metal outer jacket is for containment and support. The inside is coated with ceramic fibres. Inside these fibers is a ceramic spherical casing in which the heating windings are located.

In the middle of the furnace is a solid cast ceramic sphere with 8 or 16 tubes, to be used for the thermocouples, which need to be calibrated. The Isotech Saturn 877 calibration furnace is revolutionary because of two aspects.

The model is spherical and its design guarantees a central zone of constant temperature. Thermocouples are placed around the perimeter of the furnace. When fully plugged in, the junctions to be measured are within a few millimeters of each other at the centre of the sphere. A maximum of 15 thermocouples can be calibrated. The accuracy is between ±0.25°C and ±0.1°C at 1000°C. The accuracy of this furnace was previously only achieved by using heat pipes.

Larger pipe diameters give larger gradients, as do larger numbers of pipes. The accuracy of this furnace has so far only been achieved by the use of heat pipes. Due to the design the price is only half to a third of that of a bath with comparable accuracy and a much smaller calibration capacity.

The use of newly developed modern ceramic materials has made it possible to obtain high accuracy, low mass and high stability. The Saturn system will not contaminate your thermocouples, unlike some furnaces with metal levelling blocks.

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