Isotech Platinum / Platinum Rhodium thermocouple

The Isotech Platinum / Platinum Rhodium thermocouple standard is the result of many years of development. Type R and S standards cover the range from 0°C to 1600°C. The measuring unit consists of a 7 mm x 300 mm or 600 mm gas tight 99.7%. Recrystallized alumina sheath within a 2.5mm diameter double bore tube containing the thermocouple. The inner 2.5 mm construction is removable as some calibration laboratories only accept a fine bore for tubed thermocouples and some applications require fine tubing.

The covered noble metal thermocouple wire connects the measuring sheath to the reference sheath. Which is a 4.5 mm x 250 mm stainless steel sheath suitable for referencing in a 0°C reference system. Two thermo electrically free multistrand copper wires (teflon coated) connect the thermocouple to the voltage measuring device. The thermocouple material is continuous from the hot or measuring junction to the cold, or referencing junction.


You will receive a certificate with the error of the Model 1600. This will be between the ideal value and the actual emf of the thermocouple at the gold point. For types R and S thermocouples, manufacturing tolerances are small and, therefore, the use of a standard reference table is particularly apt. A few calibration points, only, are required to determine the small differences between the characteristics of an individual thermocouple and the standard reference table.

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