The Isotech Pegasus R is a compact oven for the calibration of radiation pyrometers. The temperature of the furnace is adjustable via a controller, while an independent indicator, whose sensor fits into the cavity, indicates the actual radiation temperature. The sensor can be removed for external calibration. The complete system can also be calibrated. The cavity diameter is 20 mm, the depth 65 mm. Emission power is 0.995. The cavity is removable and can be replaced by a fixed fixed point cell. The cavity in defixed point cell is 10 mm. with a diameter of 65 mm deep up to the end of a 120° cone.


For calibration of radiation thermometers in the wavelength range from 0.9 to 14 micrometers, a black body radiation source, based on a design study by the British National Metrology Institute (NPL) for Isotech, is confirmed in a Pegasus furnace with suitable insulation. The opening has a diameter of 20 mm. A Pegasus black body source was calibrated at NPL (Nat. Physical Laboratory) with an uncertainty of ±2°C and the calibration was found reproducible after a period of about 2 months. A scan over the diaphragm at 444°C showed that the source was uniform to better than 0.3°C. Traceability can be established with a UKAS certificate for the built-in indicator and the supplied probe (935-14-40).

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