The Isotech Hydra range of calibration baths has proved very successful since their introduction in 2003. In addition to the Hydra models, the Isotech Orion 796 calibration baths have now been introduced.

The 796 calibration baths offer deeper calibration volumes than the Isotech Hydra series with world class temperature stability. There is a high temperature model (30°C to 300°C) and two models have built-in cooling (-40°C to 125°C and -80°C to 125°C). These deep rudder liquid baths are suitable for calibration with low uncertainties of long thermometers, including liquid in glass, in extra long SPRTS.

The Orion unit has sufficient depth, i.e. 470 mm (18.5 inches), for Isotech’s largest Water Tripel Point Cells, making it an economical sub mK calibration system.

There are accessories for mercury, water, gallium, Indium ITS-90 fixed point cells. Isotech baths are always designed for thermometer calibration and sets the standard for immersion depth versus filling cost. The Orion requires only 8.5 liters of liquid and offers significant cost savings in both initial and ongoing operating costs. This compared to the other larger baths.


Three models with a range of -80°C to 300C°
Can accept large Water Triple Point Cells
Variable Cooling Power
Low Filling Cost

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