Isotech Oceanus-6 Plus multifunctional Dry Block

The Isotech Oceanus-6 Plus has all the advantages of the Isocal-6 models but with a substantially larger calibration volume, 50mm diameter by 300mm deep. The Oceanus-6 can be used as a Dry Block, a Liquid Bath, a Blackbody Source for infrared thermometers, a Surface Sensor Calibrator and for performance to a few mK (0.001°C) ITS-90 Fixed Points. The Oceanus-6PLUS is available in two models, the BASIC (B) and the SITE (S). The B model includes a sophisticated temperature controller with a dual display for Set Temperature and Dry Block Temperature.

The S model includes a built in digital thermometer to which an external standard thermometer can be connected, for Dry Block use this will give greater accuracy eliminating temperature gradient and loading errors.

For Liquid Bath, Surface Sensor or Blackbody use an external thermometer should always be used – either with the S model or the B model and a separate stand-alone indicator. For Lab use the Oceanus-6PLUS can be used with a laboratory performance temperature indicator such as one of the Isotech True Temperature Indicators with performance, for similar sensors, down to hundredths of a degree. The Oceanus-6PLUS offers unprecedented accuracies of ±0.0002°C (2 Sigma) at the Water triple point and the Gallium melt temperature of 29.7646°C and up to ±0.005°C in the stirred liquid bath option (by comparison).

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