The Isotech Oberon R Blackbody Source uses a sodium heat pipe, which provides an exceptionally low temperature gradient along the furnace core. The instrument is ideal for the realisation of aluminium, silver or copper ITS-90 fixed points. You canused it as a Blackbody source above the range 450°C to 1100°C.

The furnace heater is isolated from the non-inductive birdcage design by twin bore aluminium oxide tubes. The design of the heat pipe is in such a way that the inner wall is not subject to thermal expansion of the outer wall before the heat pipe reaches the impulse conduction temperature. The liquid is permanently and securely confined in the plasma-arc welded rack housing.


The definition of a blackbody is a source with zero reflectivity or a source that emits the maximum possible radiation (at all wavelengths) for its temperature.


Emissivity is the ratio between the radiation of the surface and radiation of the source at the same temperature. Isotech has a range of sources with high emissivity. This combined with thermal uniformity for use as Primary Standard Sources for independent wavelength calibration with low uncertainty.

For more information on infrared calibration, please refer to the overview page.

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