Isotech Model 975 Greybody Source

When the high accuracy of the Gemini R is not required, the Isotech model 975 Greybody source offers a cost-effective solution for calibrating and monitoring infrared thermometers.

The Greybody model 975 offers fast and accurate results with a larger detection area. The temperature sensor is just below the desired surface area and controls the temperature of the source. A custom designed surface sensor is used to set the controller calibration. A traceable certificate is supplied with each source.

Technical Specifications

The overview below summarizes the technical features of the Isotech 975 Greybody source. The product is part of the Isotech Blackbody source range.

Technical Feature Value
Model Isotech 975 GreyBody
Temperature Range 50 °C to 350 °C
Display Resolution 0.01 °C – 50 to 99.99. 0.1 °C – 100 to 350
Heating Time 35 minutes
Target Size Ridged Plate, 70 mm Diameter
Stability ±0.2°C
Accuracy ±2
Emissivity >0.95
Power 180 Watts
Voltage 100 – 130 VAC or 208 – 240 VAC
PC Interface Included
Dimensions Height 115 mm
Width 230 mm
Depth 225 mm
Weight 3.9 kg


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