Isotech MicrosKanner

The Isotech microsKanner can be used with any member of the microK family for additional channels, up to a maximum of 90 expansion channels.

The microsKanner uses plug-and-play technology. This means that the additional channels automatically appear on your microK bridge as soon as you connect it to an Isotech microsKanner. You can configure the new input channels in exactly the same way as any of the microK’s existing inputs. Through the microK touch screen, or a PC via an RS232 connection, you can configure the unit. You connect a microScanner and benefit directly from the additional channels. This makes this unit the simplest channel expansion system of its kind. The microsCanner is versatile and, just like the microK bridge, the microsCanner works with PRTs, thermocouples and thermistors to provide unmatched flexibility.


The microsKanner replicates the input circuit of the microK bridge for all 10 of its input channels. Performing Measurements with a microsKanner therefore have the same accuracy as the microK bridge to which it is connected. By adding other scanners, the microK system extendable to 92 channels without loss of measurement performance. Like the microK, the microsKanner uses the latest semiconductor technology for channel selection and signal routing. This fully solid-state design therefore offers the highest possible reliability.

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