The Isotech Medusa R Blackbody calibration source provides calibration of non-contact infrared thermometers in the temperature range from 30°C to 550°C. It is suitable for use as a radiation source for infrared thermometers. The cavity is 45 x 285mm deep and suitable for use with the larger Isotech fixed point cells.

Ensuring laboratory performance and low uncertainty calibration is due to the combination of high emissivity and excellent temperature uniformity. The digital temperature controller allows the block temperature to set from 30 °C to 550 °C. Uniformity of the large block is ensured by using distributed heating technology. For the smallest uncertainties, you can use the Medusa R with Isotech ITS-90 fixed point cells. These are Gallium 29.7646°C, Indium 156.5985°C, Tin 231.928°C and Zinc 419.527°C. The cells are provided with a certificate of metal purity.


A blackbody is defined as a source with zero reflectivity or a source that emits the maximum possible radiation (at all wavelengths) for its temperature.


Emissivity is the ratio between the radiation emitted by a surface and the radiation emitted by a black body at the same temperature. Isotech has a range of sources with high emissivity combined with thermal uniformity for use as Primary Standard Sources for independent wavelength calibration with low uncertainty.

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