The Isotech Isis is end of life (EOL), the alternatives are Isotech Europe and Isotech Libra 785.

The Isotech Isis Dry Block delivers low temperatures down to -100°C and is the only block bath that works at such a low temperature. Now it is possible to calibrate temperature sensors such as PRTs, Thermocouples and Thermistors at very low temperatures. And this without the need for a liquid bath.


Unlike a liquid bath, the Isis does not require expensive or hazardous fluids and offers greater portability. This is particularly important for on-site calibration engineers working with low temperature freezers such as those found in pharmaceutical, aerospace and food environments.

The minimum operating temperature is less than that of stirring fluid in laboratory calibration baths. In addition, users in laboratories will also benefit from avoiding the constant need for expensive fluids.

The maximum operating temperature is 40°C, slightly higher than the minimum operating temperature of Isotech Hot Blocks. This makes it possible to bridge the range from -100°C to 650°C or higher with just two Isotech blocks.

By limiting the maximum temperature, the reliability and service life of the cooling motor is maximised, and this has been agreed in consultation with the licensee of the cooling technology.

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