The Isotech Hyperion R Portable Blackbody calibration source provides calibration of non-contact infrared thermometers in the temperature range from -20°C to 125°C. It is suitable for use as a primary radiation source for infrared thermometers from zero to 125°C. Laboratory performance and low uncertainty calibrations are guaranteed by the combination of high emissivity and excellent temperature uniformity.

The digital temperature controller allows the block temperature to be set from -20°C to 125°C. Traceability of the radiation temperature is determined by a separate, built-in temperature indicator and recorded platinum resistance thermometer. A traceable calibration certificate is included.

UKAS resistance thermometer calibration is available, as is radiometric calibration. Block uniformity is ensured by the use of distributed thermoelectric heat pumps with the advantage of solid state, vibration free cooling.


A blackbody is defined as a source with zero reflectivity or a source that emits the maximum possible radiation (at all wavelengths) for its temperature.


Emissivity is the ratio between the radiation emitted by a surface and the radiation emitted by a blackbody at the same temperature. Isotech has a range of sources with high emissivity combined with thermal uniformity for use as Primary Standard Sources for independent wavelength calibration with low uncertainty.

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