Isotech Hydra 798 temperature bath for liquids

Precision calibration of thermometers requires the use of stirring fluid calibration baths. The Isotech Hydra 798 models set a new standard in terms of price/performance ratio. From now on, calibration engineers and measurement specialists can choose from a range of baths with good immersion depth, parallel tube design with the best uniformity, smallest calibration uncertainties and a wide temperature range. The Hydra model offers these features in a new price range.

Don’t settle for a temperature bath with shallow immersion or simple agitator installation. These Isotech baths offer good immersion and good temperature uniformity, along with the other benefits that Isotech baths offer.

With an immersion depth of 300 mm it meets the requirements of ITS-90. This BIPM publication recommends immersion depths from 15 cm to 20 cm from -50°C to 50°C and from 20 to 27 cm at 200°C.

Many baths in this price range are simply not deep enough to meet this requirement. Hydra is more than just stirring the liquid in a square tank. It uses a parallel tube for superior temperature uniformity. Like other Isotech liquid baths, the calibration volume is cylindrical and not a large square tank, making it ideal for thermometers. The bath is filled with only five liters of liquid. This means that there are less filling costs and operating costs when fluids need to be refilled. The 798H offers a cooling coil that you can connect to an external source of cold water or gas to further reduce cooling time.

There are three models, which have a range of -80°C to 300°C with a stability of 0.01°C.

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