When Isotech considered low temperature comparison calibration, they had to take into account health and safety aspects, both the use of the fluids in compressors to generate low temperatures and the fluids used in the calibration section itself. The cost of very low temperature chillers increases significantly. Isotech concluded that very low temperature chillers were expensive, unsafe and unreliable. Their solution, the Isotech Cryostat Model 459, is a heated metal block of simple design, with a single liquid: liquid nitrogen. A device immersed in liquid nitrogen will cool down to approximately -195°C.

In this design, with a controller and heater, the cryostat can be set at any temperature above liquid nitrogen temperature. The cryostat consists of an insulated machined copper equalizing block in a 80 mm diameter tube, 480 mm long. It is attached via a flange on a cover that gives access to three thermometers, a vacuum port and a Lemo connector for the temperature sensor and heater.

The most commonly used range for the Isotech cryostat is between -80°C and -180°C. The performance of the cryostat improves as the temperature drops. This because the temperature difference between the cryostat and the surrounding liquid nitrogen is smaller.

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