The Isotech 983 small hot plate is a lightweight portable calibration system designed for surface mount sensors. The flat surface of the hot plate is made of aluminium. The recording element can be tested by simply placing it on the surface. For higher accuracy, a calibrated sensor can be placed on the surface to compare the two sensors.

Good thermal contact is ensured by the flat disc which is recessed to allow the use of heat-conducting paste or liquid. Even heat distribution is achieved with a flat spiral heater, fixed on an integral block under the surface of the plate. The typical accuracy that can be achieved is 1°C, but this will be affected by the type of sensor to be calibrated.

The internal control sensor is located directly below the plate. The temperature range from 35°C to 350°C can be set by an advanced but easy to use temperature controller. The controller has 0.01 resolution below 100°C (0.1° above 100°).

The Isotech 983 small hot plate is often used in combination with the Isotech 944 surface temperature gauge.

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