Isotech 944 surface temperature meter

The fundamental problem with surface temperature measurement is that it is subject to large tuning conduction errors, also because the heat generated from the surface of the hot plate is the creation of a local cold spot which means that the temperature indicated by the hot plate is not necessarily the temperature at the time of measurement. The Isotech 944 surface temperature meter offers a solution.

An ideal system does not disrupt the heat flows of the hot plate.

In the course of 1993 such a system was described (ref. “Progress in contact thermometers” 1993 B. D. Foulis), after which Isotech received permission from the inventors to produce and market the device all over the world.

The principle of operation: a fine wire, type N thermocouple, is used as the temperature sensor. A second junction 2 mm to 3 mm along the thermocouple recognizes the temperature difference due to the heat flux along the sensor. A heating element heats the thermocouple stem until the temperature gradient is zero, allowing a measurement without stem conduction or disturbance to the hot plate surface.

The 944 can be used in combination with the Isotech small hot plate model 983.

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