Isotech 909 Family Working SPRTs

This economically priced standard platinum resistance thermometer, from the Isotech 909 Family Working SPRTs, are the workhorses of calibration laboratories around the world. During 2007, Isotech discussed their range of SPRTs and now they have new models in the 909 family: the 909 l and 909 H. The wide temperature range and economical prices make this thermometer ideal for secondary laboratories. For smaller uncertainties for the primary laboratory we refer to the 670 SPRT model.

Resistance element

The resistance element is made of pure platinum, rolled up and mounted in a tension-free construction. The first one is of pure alumina material. By preparing all parts they prevent contamination and overloading. By welding all joints are the resistance changes minimize. The cables are taken to a handle construction where they are connected to a low loss cable, 2 meters long and shielded.

The 909Q has a quartz sheath, while the 909L and 909H have a metal sheath. Although the metal-sheathed thermometers appear more robust than the quartz glass models, it should be noted that all SPRTs are fragile devices. Treatment of these instruments should therefore be with the utmost care.

Three thermometer lengths are available, standard length 480 mm, additional length 550 mm or maximum length 600 mm.

Certificate and transport

Quartz glass thermometers have the advantage that the internal components are visible and inspectable. They remain the recommended models of Isotech. The low temperature models have excellent dipping properties and a significant cost saving compared to the higher temperature models. The model 909 comes with a calibration certificate with RTPW and Wga. Alternatively, Isotech can supply a complete UKAS calibration certificate.  The Isotech 909 has its own attractive carrying case for transport and storage.

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