Isotech 813 Stirred Ice Water Bath

The most commonly used temperature for calibration is 0°C. The normal way to create 0°C is via a mixture of ice and water in a Dewar flask. However, this can give errors up to 4°C because the water is closest to 4°C and because the ice melts, the temperature at the bottom of the flask can reach 4°C. With the Isotech 813 stirred ice water bath there is a nice addition to the market.

In the design of the ice flask, offered by Isotech, these problems have been solved by stirring the water/ice mixture and separating the ice in the measuring area. This stirred ice / water bath is designed and built according to the recommendations of the National Laboratory (NPL). The capacity, for the water and ice mixture, of this unit is no less than eight litres.

Using demineralised water, accuracies of ±0.005K can be achieved. Normally it takes four hours before the bath is charged with ice. The ice is kept around and under the compartment. Up to four probes can be placed here for calibration or reference purposes.

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