Isotech 785 parallel tube calibration baths use advanced designs to ensure calibration down to the smallest uncertainties. In 1986, Isotech acquired the interests of the H N Irving & Sons temperature division, which specialized in supplying high quality baths to NPL and other international laboratories. The knowledge and concepts of this scientific instrument manufacturer were used in the development of the Isotech 815 and 915 Parallel Tube Liquid Baths. Although there are higher costs compared to simple designs, the quality and reputation is unrivalled.

The most important feature is the physical separation of the chamber in which the liquid is heated or cooled from the chamber containing the calibration volume in which the thermometers are placed. The geometry of the parallel tube is also important, with the shape and angle of the curves optimised for temperature uniformity.

The Isotech 785 parallel tube calibration bath achieves this with the same parallel tube construction as in model 915, but in a different housing and now with internal cooling that can be used for lower temperatures. The cooling capacity is dynamic with the advantage of greater stability at lower temperatures.

While the bath has a maximum immersion of 485 mm, the amount of liquid is 8.5 litres. This helps to reduce costs like many other baths require a much larger volume of liquid, which in turn can be costly.

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