If the high accuracy of the Isotech Gemini R is not required, the Isotech 550 QuickCal Blackbody provides a cost-effective solution for calibrating and monitoring infrared thermometers. The QuickCal Blackbody is ideal for quick and portable monitoring of infrared thermometers. It has a cylindrical cavity with a diameter of 25 mm and a depth of 115 mm. The temperature range is 30°C to 350°C.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Isotech 550 Quickcal Blackbody

Model 550  QuickCal Blackbody
Temperature range  30°C to 350°C
Display resolution  0.1°C
Heating time  9 minutes
Target size  25 x 115mm Cavity with end cone
Stability  ±0.2°C
Accuracy  ±0.5
Emission power  >0.99
Emissitivity 0.98 – Cavity gives a total emissivity of  >0.99
Power  300 Watt
Voltage  100-130 or 208-240 Vac
Dimensions  Height 65 mm
Width 152 mm
Depth 175 mm
Weight 1.5 kg



A blackbody is defined as a source with zero reflectivity or a source that emits the maximum possible radiation (at all wavelengths) for its temperature.


Emissivity is the ratio between the radiation emitted by a surface and the radiation emitted by a black body at the same temperature. Isotech has a range of sources with high emissivity combined with thermal uniformity for use as Primary Standard Sources for independent wavelength calibration with low uncertainty.


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