ISEG’s HPS series is a line of programmable DC high-voltage power supplies housed in a 19″ inch rackmount enclosure or a compact version. Several models are available, suitable for voltages in the range 0-1kV to 0-100kV. This at power ratings from 300W to 10kW. The power supply can operate in CV,CC, and in the case of the EOA option also in CP mode. The HPS is also available as a Capacitor Charger (option CLD).

The PWM controlled output parameters also guarantee minimal ripple and noise values at a stability of 0.02% – 0.05% for the HPS series. An efficiency of up to 93% is achieved by almost lossless switching of applied semiconductors. This makes the HPS high voltage power supplies one of the most advanced DC HV power supplies.
The outputs are protected against an overload or short circuit, against occurring ARCing and equipped with an interlock/Inhibit.


These processor-controlled high-voltage power supplies can be flexibly adapted for almost any conceivable application. This is due to the availability of various options including;

ARC ARC management
CLD Capacitor charger
2HC Two HV output connectors
ACL ARC current limitation
ARCpro Ultrafast configurable ARC management
FCS Integrated filament current supply
FP With front panel operation
MCS Integrated magnet current supply
EOA Extended operating area


E-beam coating applications in particular often require multiple HV power supplies such as filament and magnet power supplies. For such applications, ISEG’s HPS series can be equipped with two additional power supplies (option FCS) allowing it to be tailored to the respective application. Remote control is possible via the standard CAN & USB interfaces. Optional GPIB, Ethernet, RS232 andAIO Isolated are available.


Applications for these power supplies include Lithography, Plasma research, Mass Spectrometers, Cyclotron power supplies and Medical applications. The HPS series is also well suited to fundamental research organisations including university laboratories and research institutes. Think Capacitor Charging, E beam coating and I-on beam.

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