The N4L PSM3750 impedance analyzer

The N4L PSM3750 impedance analyzer is a particularly versatile Frequency Response Analyzer that also comes with a  CR / impedance analyzer option. In that respect, this PSM3750 model also belongs in the list of LCR meters.

This PSM meter including Impedance analyzer option can measure the following parameters: L, C, R, R, Z, Phase, QF, Tan(δ), Series and Parallel. The measurements are executed with a 6-digit resolution. This is done over a frequency range of 10µHz to 50MHz.

Each desired frequency can be set and it is also possible to perform a frequency sweep to measure the behaviour of the component over a complete frequency range. These results can be stored on a USB memory stick and can of course be made visible on the large colour display.

In addition to the LCR meter / impedance analyzer features, the PSM 3750 also has five measurement functions: Frequency Response Analyzer, Phase Angle meter, True RMS Voltmeter, POWER analyzer and Harmonic analyzer.
These units come standard with an RS232, USB, LAN and GPIB interface.

Applications of the PSM3750 include testing the control loop of power supplies and amplifiers in relation to frequency and phase angle. But also consider testing filters, speakers, vibration tests, and more specific components such as transformers or RCL networks.



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