The IET PRS-300 Precision Programmable Resistance Decade is a huge improvement on the most important aspects of the older manual resistance decades. The model introduces an advanced algorithm to create an easy to program resistance decade, with 30% improved accuracy and 1000 times better resolution than traditional laboratory decade banks and RTD Simulators.

The PRS-300 is designed with the right mix of features to be used more efficiently in both manual and automatic applications in both laboratory and manufacturing environments. The PRS 300 with its wide range design can replace multiple decade banks and reduce testing time.

With its industry-leading 5 year warranty, the PRS 300 focuses on all aspects of reliability, reduced cost of ownership and simplicity.

The simple user interface makes the PRS-300 highly suitable for high accuracy requirements in both manual and automated applications, such as RTD simulation, DMM calibration, circuit tuning and load testing.

The built-in tables for PT100 and PT1000 RTD and direct resistance substitution make the PRS-300 ideal for RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) simulation. Create user-defined tables can for use with other RTDs. The operator can enter the temperature directly to automatically program the correct resistance.

The PRS-300 Precision Programmable Resistance Decade is a precision resistance source with excellent stability, temperature coefficient, and power coefficient properties. The use of low inductance wound and Z-foil resistors makes the PRS-300 suitable for use in applications with minimal AC resistance change of DC below 1 kHz.

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