The IET LOM-530A is the calibration kit for the LOM-510A. It is a handy unit that contains a complete set of (5) working standard resistors for a complete calibration of the micro-ohmmeter.


A short overview of the working standard resistors.

Stabiliteit Max Power TempCo Power
0.01 Ω ppm/year W ppm/°C 0.1 ppm/mW
0.1 Ω ppm/year W ppm/°C 0.1 ppm/mW
Ω ppm/year 0.25 W ppm/°C 0.5 ppm/mW
Ω ppm/year 0.1 W ppm/°C 0.5 ppm/mW
Ω ppm/year 0.1 W ppm/°C 0.5 ppm/mW


Temperature Range: 15° to 30°C
Storage Range: 0°C to 40°C


The LOM-530 calibration kit is designed for the IET Lom-510A which has the equipment and features to measure very low resistors accurately, simply and economically.

Four measurement methods are available with the Lom-510A: Switched DC, Constant DC, Pulsed Mode and Dry Circuit. The measuring range runs from 1 µΩ to 200 Ω. The instrument has a 4½ digit display, 0.02 % basic accuracy and 1 µΩ resolution. The four-wire resistance measurement eliminates measurement errors caused by cabling and 80 dB AC noise reduction ensures rock-solid readings even in disturbance-prone environments. A variety of different probes and clips are available to measure any unknown low resistance.

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