The IET High Power Resistance Decadence Substitute (HPRS) series is a family of resistance decade banks with a wide choice of high power resistor sources with excellent performance.

The HPRS series uses state-of-the-art precision resistors of different types for high accuracy, high stability and low temperature and power coefficients. High-power resistors within the unit are available without sacrificing other electrical properties.

The standard models offer a choice of 3-8 decades. The panels have labels that clearly indicate the step size, maximum voltage and current limits for each decade.

With a resolution starting at 1 mΩ and a maximum resistance of 10 MΩ, the HPRS resistance decoder can be used as a general substitute, but also as a high power load for power supply testing and other high power applications.

Applications include meter and instrument calibration. HPRS resistor decades are useful development tools where accurate resistors with high power properties are required for processing.


Resistance per step Total decade resistance Max current* Max power per step*  Temperature coefficient  Resistor Type
(W) (ppm/°C)
1 mΩ 0.009 Ω 8:00 AM 0.036 ±50 Resistance Wire
10 mΩ 0.09 Ω 6:00 AM 0.36 ±50 Resistance Wire
100 mΩ 0.9 Ω 6:00 AM 3.6 ±20 Resistance Wire
1 Ω 9 Ω 5:00 AM 25 -20 to +80 Power Film
10 Ω 90 Ω 1.5 A 25 -20 to +80 Power Film
100 Ω 900 Ω 0.5 A 25 -20 to +80 Power Film
1 kΩ 9 kΩ 150 mA† 25† -20 to +80 Power Film
10 kΩ 90 kΩ 50 mA† 25† -20 to +80 Power Film
100 kΩ 900 kΩ V limit† V limit† -20 to +80 Wirewound/ metal film
1 MΩ 9 MΩ V limit† V limit† ±50 Wirewound/film


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