IET High Accurate Capacity Decade

The IET High Accuracy Capacity Decade HACS-Z series meets stringent requirements for fixed or adjustable calibration capacity or applications requiring accurate and stable capacity values. You can select the best device for your application, without paying too much for ranges you don’t need. Models are available with a range of 1 pF – 11,111 uF in just three or as many as 11 decades.

For the lowest decades, the 1 pF and 10 pF decade steps, trimable air capacitors are used. The capacitors are selected for maximum resolution, high mechanical stability and low dissipation factor.

The mid-range decades, 100 pF, 1000 pF, 0.01 uF and 0.1 uF steps, are performed with mechanically stabilized, sealed India Ruby mica capacitors of the highest quality, specially selected for optimum electrical properties and excellent stability.

These highest decades are performed with metallized polyphenylene sulphide (MPPS) capacitors. These capacitors are hermetically sealed for high reliability and stability. Hermetic sealing prevents the penetration of moisture into the capacitors.

Overview models low decades

Capacitance per step Total decade capacitance
HACS-Z-1pF  1 pF+
Variable Decade
 1 pF  10 pF
 10 pF  100 pF
 100 pF  1 nF
 0.1 µF  1 µF

Overview models middle and high decades

 Capacitance per step  Total decade capacitance
 10 µ  100 µF
 100 µF  1,000 µF
 1,000 µF  10 mF


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