The IET GenRad 1491 induction decade is the most accurate induction decade bank available on the market. The 1491 has a maximum induction of 11 H with a resolution of either 1 mH or 100 uH.

The decad switch has a high quality ceramic stator and rotor elements, and well-defined ball-and-socket pawls. All contacts consist of a silver alloy and a positive wiping action. Shielded toroidal cores are used for small mutual induction and minimal effect of external fields.

The 1491 Series induction induction decoders are suitable for use in wave filters, equalizers and tuned circuits throughout the range of audio and low radio frequencies.

As components in oscillators, analyzers and similar equipment, they are particularly useful during the pre-design period. When one must have the flexibility to vary circuit elements over a relatively wide range to determine the optimum component values.

The decade banks can be used as laboratory standard, working standard and transfer standard. But also in the design of electronic circuits, where the decade bank is used as a substitute to determine the correct component value.

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