The IET GenRad 1422 is an extremely stable and accurate variable primary air condenser, intended for use as an infinitely adjustable capacity stand. One of the main applications of the 1422 is the AC bridge measurements, either as a built-in standard or as an external standard for replacement measurements.

The 1422 is available in various ranges of terminal configurations and scale arrangements to allow selection of the appropriate features.

The 1422-D is a dual range 115 pF and 1150 pF two-terminal capacitor, directly readable in total capacity at both range terminals up to ground. To keep it easy when making substitution measurements, the 1422-MD and 1422-ME are also dual-range two-terminal capacitors, the capacitance scale removed. Two-terminal GenRad 1422-D, 1422-N, 1422-ME, 1422 MD capacitors are terminated at the bonding posts.

GenRad 1422-CB, -Cl and -CD are three-terminal capacitors with shielded coaxial terminals via GR-874, intended for three-terminal measurements. The calibrated direct capacity is independent of terminal capacity to earth and losses are very low. The 1422-CL has very low, constant terminal capacity, that makes it suitable for circuit measurement where high capacity up to the guard is not allowed.

The 1422-CD is a dual-range 1.1 PF and 11 pF, three-terminal capacitor with direct reading in total capacity at both range terminals down to low.

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