The IET GenRad 1409 Series Standard Capacitors are very stable and cost effective capacity standards. With a low temperature coefficient and low losses, these standard capacitors cover a wide range with capacitive values of 1 nF – 1000 µF.

From 1 nF to 1 µF, the standard capacitors are built with silver plated-mica and foil and can be used as two-wire or three-wire lab standard. From 1 µF to 10 uF the units are made of hermetically sealed polystyrene for 10 µF. Above 10 µF the capacitor is made of hermetically sealed polycarbonate.

Typical capacitors, observed over decades, have shown random fluctuations of less than + 0.01 % in the measured capacitance with no indication of systemic drift.

The in 1409 standard capacitor elements are selected for a low dissipation factor and are stabilized by cyclic heat treatment. They are housed in aluminium housing together with silica gel which provides continuous dehydration. These housings are sealed with high temperature wax. In the wall of the housing there is a shaft for inserting a dial thermometer.

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