IET GenRad 1403 Series High Frequency Standard Capicator

The IET GenRad 1403 Series High Frequency Standard Capacitors are stable, three-terminal standards in decimal values from 0.001 pF to 1000 pF. For measurements at 100 pF and below, a three terminal connection increases accuracy by eliminating the uncertainty in the measurement introduced by the capacitance between the capacitor terminals and ground.

The IET GenRad 1403 High Frequency Standard capacitors are ideal for use with the GenRad / IET 1615-A Capacitance Bridge, as the terminals are positioned to connect directly to the “unknown” terminals of the bridge. The capacitance change is less than 0.01% at frequencies up to 2 MHz for 1 pF and 200 kHz for the 1000 pF standard, making the standard ideal for verifying LCR meters and bridges other than 1 kHz. There are a total of seven models with between 0.001 pF and 1000 pF. Please refer to the datasheet for your suitable option.

Dielectric losses are not detectable, which means Df and tan Delta are essentially zero; there is no solid dielectric in the direct capacitance range. All have shielded terminals, both of which are isolated from the housing.

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