The IET 1910 and IET 1920

The IET 1910 and IET 1920 LCR meters are two accurate LCR meters with a measurement resolution of 5-digits and a basic accuracy of 0.1%. A total of 20 parameters can be measured, covering a frequency range of 20Hz to 1MHz in 27,000 different frequencies. The frequency has an accuracy of 0.02% + 0.02 Hz. The IET1910 also has an adjustable Bias current of 1mA to 1A.

IET 1920

This makes this unit ideal for measuring of inductions. The IET 1920 has an adjustable Bias voltage, making this unit more suitable for measuring capacities. The Bias voltage of the IET 1920 is adjustable between 1mV and maximum 2V. All settings of the IET 1920 are easy using the menu structure and LCD display. This way, even certain test sequences are easy to program and to store internally.

Options IET1910 and IET1920

There is an extensive range of test fixtures available for the various components. A Pass/Fail function is available for component sorting. For automation, there is standard an RS232 interface available.


  • Basic accuracy 0,1%
  • Meetfrequenties:  20 Hz tot 1 MHz
  • 1910 Internal DC Bias Current, Programmable from 0 to 1A
  • 1920 Internal DC Bias Voltage, Programmable from 0 to 2 V
  • GPIB and RS232 standard


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