The HMP series DC power supplies

The R&S HMP series DC power supplies is a series of programmable laboratory power supplies with an output voltage of 0-32Vdc per channel. The series consists of four models with a choice between a 2-, 3- and 4-channel power supply with a total output of 188 or 384 watts. The outputs of these power supplies are located on the front and rear of the power supply. Sense connections are also possible on both front and rear. Depending on the model, an output of 80 or 160 watts per channel is available. You can also connect multiple channels in series or in parallel for voltages up to 120V and a maximum current of 40A.

High resolution

The HMP series DC power supplies have a particularly low ripple for a switched power supply. This is mainly due to the linear output stage. The resolution for voltage and current is also relatively high: 1mV for the voltage supply and 0.2mA for currents smaller than 1A and 1mA for currents larger than 1A.

The EasyArb function is quite unique and allows the user to program a voltage or current curve per DC output. To support this, R&S has a remote S/W program available, which is standard available. This DC power supply comes standard with an RS232 and USB interface. Optionally, this can be expanded with a GPIB or LAN interface. Arbitrary waveform programming can also be done directly on the control panel.

The HMP series models are:

  • R&S® HMP2020
  • R&S® HMP2030
  • R&S® HMP4030
  • R&S® HMP4040


An optional rackmount kit and rear connections make the HMP series also suitable for use in industrial environments and 19 inch rack mounting.

For a complete overview of all our DC power supplies, I would like to refer you to this page.

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