R&S HMC804X series of programmable DC power supplies is End of Life and no longer available

The R&S HMC804X series of programmable DC power supplies of are laboratory power supplies based on linear switching technology. These 100 Watt power supplies have an output voltage of 0-32Vdc per channel and are available in 1,2 or 3 channel versions. Thanks to its complete functionality, the HMC804x is ideal for use in development laboratories and industrial environments.

Channels and features

The 1-channel version delivers up to 10A, the 2-channel up to 5A, and the 3-channel runs 3A per channel. For multi-channel versions, a higher voltage or current at the output is possible through series or parallel switching of the channels. The outputs are galvanically isolated, floating and protected against overload and short circuits. The brilliant QVGA display is striking, showing settings and actual U, I and P values.

The R&S HMC804x series programmable DC power supplies also has various logging functions and an energy meter. EasyArb and EasyRamp allow the user to program different U/I profiles. Furthermore, the HMC804x series is equipped with an analog input, which can be used to control U/I from, for instance, a function generator or as an external trigger. This LXI compliant power supply is suitable for remote control via LAN and USB interface (CDC/virtual COM port, TMC). The GPIB interface can be optionally installed. An optional rackmount kit and the rear connections make the HMC804x series also suitable for use in industrial environments and 19 inch rack mounting.

The HMP series models are:

  • HMC8043.3 Channels, 33W/ch.
  • HMC8042,2 channels, 50W/ch.
  • HMC8041.1 channel, 100W/ch

For more information, please refer to the overview page of the available DC Power Supplies and Arbitrary DC Power Supplies.

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