R&S HM8143 arbitrary power supply is end of life (EOL)

The R&S HM8143 arbitrary power supply is end of life and no longer available. The replacement for this product is the R&S NGL200 series. This 130 Watt, 2 quadrant power supply can supply DC power as well as dissipate (current source and Sink). The two outputs of 0-30Vdc and 1 x 5Vdc can each supply up to 2A. Deviating voltage and current can be reached by series or parallel switching of the independently adjustable outputs.

The 2 quadrants principle contributes to relatively fast ascent and descent times, which are necessary for the simulation of rapid changes in DC voltages. For example, the HM8143 is equipped with about 2 modulation inputs, which can generate voltages up to 20 kHz.

A 12-bit memory of 4096 points is available for programming arbitrary DC voltage types. The HM8143 is equipped with an RS232 / USB interface. The GPIB interface is optional.


  • Arbitrary DC Power Supply
  • 2x 0…30V/1A + 1x 5V/2A, Sense
  • Resolution: 10mV/1mA
  • Electronic load (2x 30V/2A)
  • Modulation: 0…10V, DC…50kHz
  • USB/RS-232, including Software


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