The H&H QL series, bipolar power supplies, are available as 2- or 4-quadrant power supplies. Also described as Unipolar or Bipolar DC power supplies. The QL series is characterised by the fact that they can handle both a positive and a negative current (Source & Sink mode). The various models are suitable for power ranges from 100 to 3600 Watts, in the voltage range from -1V to +100V for the unipolar units, and up to ±50V for the bipolar power supplies. The current ranges from ±2A to ±320A.

The QL series bipolar power supplies can also be used as an amplifier up to a frequency of 3,000Hz. They can be used as a constant voltage source (CV mode), constant current source (CC mode), constant resistance source (CR mode) and as a constant power source (CP mode). Combinations CC+CV and CV+CC are also possible. The 4-quadrant versions can also be used as an AC source.

Functions of the QL Bipolar Power Supplies

The bipolar power supplies of the H&H QL series can be used for various functions. For example: Energy Storage Test: Charge and Discharge Function, Internal Resistance Measurement, Adjustable Internal Resistance, List Function, Rectangular Function, PWM Function, Modulator, AC Source, Measurement Data Acquisition.

For certain DUTs or with very long cables, it is possible to adjust the control constant of the power supply to prevent oscillation and ensure stable operation. To increase the power or current, up to 5 equal devices can be operated in parallel in a master-slave arrangement. In this arrangement, the system behaves as a single unit. The Master unit controls the total current of the system, and displays the total measured values.

Ethernet, USB, RS-232, CAN, Optionally available: GPIB Interface (option QL02) For remote control, the QL series is equipped as standard with the following interfaces;

Standard I/O port provides analog and digital signals for external control.

A free Factory Calibration Certificate (FCC) is supplied with the devices.

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