The PMLI series of modular DC loads has been replaced by the H&H PMLA series.

H&H PMLI series of modular DC loads consists of a 19 inch mainframe containing 12 power slots. The PMLI series load modules are suitable for 60V, 120V or 240V voltages and currents from 4.5A to 80A. The use is in CC – CV – CR – CP mode. In the mainframe different load modules can be placed of 150W, 300W, 450W or 600W per module. These require respectively 1, 2, 3 or 4 slots of space. In this way a considerable flexibility is possible, where for example a 12 x 150W or a 3 x 600W multichannel load can be realized.

The PMLI series modular DC loads are standard equipped with an analog I/O port that allows U&I to be read out for each module. The mainframes are available as master or slave units. Multiple, multi channel configurations can be merged into one system, where the master unit is equipped with an RS232 and GPIB interface.

A dynamic load function is standard in the PMLI series. All load channels are controlled synchronously to create peak loads for the DUT to be tested. More advanced load profiles can be realized in combination with, for example, an arbitrary function generator. For the PMLI series there is also a software tool with which the timing between the different load modules can be set in a simple way. A sequence mode is also available. Besides this software there is also a Labview driver available.

The PMLI series consists of the following mainframes and modules:

  • M15-06, load module, 60V/20A/150W,
  • M15-12, load module, 120V/10A/150W
  • M15-24, load module, 240V/4.5A/150W
  • M30-06, load module, 60V/40A/300W
  • M30-12, load module, 120V/20A/300W
  • M30-24, load module, 240V/9A/300W
  • M45-06, load module, 60V/60A/450W
  • M45-12, load module, 120V/40A/450W
  • M45-24, load module, 240V/13.5A/450W
  • M60-06, load module, 60V/80A/600W
  • M60-12, load module, 120V/40A/600W
  • M60-24, load module, 240V/18A/600W
  • PMLI-M, PMLI Master device with GPIB + RS-232 + PMLI system bus interface
  • PMLI-S, PMLI Slave device with system bus interface.

In addition to the PMLI modular DC loads, Höcherl and Hackl also have the PMLA series of modular loads.

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