H&H PLI series DC loads 600 W – 28.8 kW

H&H PLI series DC loads is a remarkably complete series of electronic loads. The range consists of models suitable for voltages from 60Vdc to 800Vdc and currents from 6A to 2,700A, containing 103 versions with a power output of 600 W up to 28.8 kW. The units can be used in CC, CV, CR, CP, CCV and CVC Mode.

Variable load profiles (Dynamic operation) can be easily configured up to 300 steps, using the included software. More advanced load profiles can be realized in combination with, for example, an arbitrary function generator. With the standard data acquisition feature, fast data logging is possible for measured values or waveforms, including time, voltage and current values. Data storage can be transferred to the internal memory or directly to an external USB flash drive. Furthermore, the PLI series is ideal for characterizing solar panels. You can also adapt the series for testing MPP trackers.

The use of temperature/current-controlled low noise fans also limits the noise level of this electronic load. Evidently, the PLI load is protected against reverse polarity, excessive voltage, currents, power and temperature.

H&H PLI series DC loads Software

The H&H PLI series DC loads are standard equipped with Ethernet + USB + USB + RS-232 + CAN + Analog I/O Ports. GPIB and insulated analog I/O are also optionally available. There are several software packages available to make usage as simple as possible. Software for easy remote control of the unit. Software to easily create a list of different settings at specific times. Software for studying the stored data during a test and also software for easy setting of an MPPT test. In addition, there is also a Labview driver available if you want to combine this load in an automatic test setup.

The H&H PLI series DC load models are divided into 60V, 120V, 300V, 300V, 600V and 800V voltage ranges. Power runs from 600W, 1400W, 2100W, 3200W and continues after that in steps from 1600W to a maximum of 28,800W. In the 60V and 120V models, the unit can be temporarily overloaded for 2 seconds up to a maximum of 2 times the rated power. This is particularly interesting for peak loads.

An electronic DC load is mainly used for testing DC power supplies and batteries. For the latter application, the H&H PLI series DC load has a specific feature to determine the internal resistance of the battery or battery pack.


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