The PLI-MR, multi range DC loads from H&H is part of the PLI series of electronic loads. The difference, however, lies in the fact that the -MR version has 4 “real current” current ranges starting at 40mA.

This makes it possible to program and measure relatively low load currents with high precision and resolution. The H&H PLI-MR series is suitable for voltages up to 60Vdc, 120V, 300V and 800Vdc and currents in the range of 0.04A to 180A. There are 12 models available with a power range from 5W to 1.500W. Depending on the model, the PLI-MR can dissipate up to double the power in certain ranges for short periods of time. Besides the basic “operating modes” CC, CV, CR and CP, the Multi range models also have combined operating modes such as CC+CV, CR+CC+CV, CP+CC+CV and CV+CC.


Alternating load profiles (Dynamic operation) are easy to configure up to 300 steps. With the standard available data acquisition function a fast data logging is possible for example for generating waveforms or characteristics including time, voltage and current values. Data can be stored to the internal memory on an external USB stick. Furthermore, the PLI-MR series is extremely suitable for the characterization of solar panels and optionally suitable for testing MPPT trackers.

The PLI-MR series DC loads is standard equipped with Ethernet + USB + RS-232 + CAN + Analog I/O ports. Optionally there is also GPIB and isolated analog I/O available.


Various software packages are available for the easiest possible use. There is software to easily operate the unit remotely.
Also available is software to easily create a list of different settings to be run through at specific times. And there is software to study the stored data during a test and also software to easily set up an MPPT test. Of course there is also a Labview driver available if you want to combine this load in an automatic test setup.

The PLI-MR Series models


Keywords for this DC power supply are also: Multi range, MPPT testing, standard remote interfaces, Dynamic operation and Data logging.

If you have any questions about prices and/or delivery times, or if you would like a demonstration of one of the PLI Series electronic DC power supplies please contact us. We will gladly advise you in choosing the best electronic DC load for your application.

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