The PLA series DC loads 

The H&H PLA series DC loads is a range of electronic loads, suitable for voltages from 60Vdc to 800Vdc and currents from 2A to 120A. The H&H PLA series is available in a 200W, 400W, 800W and 1500W version, with CC – CV – CR – CP modes. All measured values are clearly legible from the illuminated display. In addition, this series is standard equipped with an analog I/O port and Ethernet + USB + RS-232 + CAN, Also, GPIB interfaces are optionally available.

The PLA DC loads series has many options

Variable load profiles (Dynamic operation) are easily configurable up to 100 steps. With the standard data acquisition feature, data logging is possible, for example, for generating waveforms or characteristics, including time, voltage and current values. Furthermore, the PLA series is suitable for testing solar panels. You can also adapt the series for testing MPPT trackers. The use of temperature-controlled low noise fans also limits the noise level of this electronic load.
Evidently, the PLA load protects against excessive currents, power, and temperature. There is an indicator for reverse polarity, excessive voltage and excessive voltage (for the powered-on current).

For applications of this electronic DC load consider Power Supply testing, Battery testing, ACCU or Fuel Cell testing. Or in DC Solar power networks and with Electrical Vehicle (EV) testing. By default, a dynamic load feature is available in the PLA series. More advanced load profiles can be realized in combination with, for example, an arbitrary function generator. For the H&H PLA series DC loads there are also various software tools available as well as Labview drivers.

HÖCHERL & HACKL GMBH is a leading manufacturer in the field of electronic AC and DC loads in the capacity range from 100W to 100kW+. Applications include power supply test systems, energy storage systems, and Fuel Cells.

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