H&H NL series Bipolar power supplies

H&H NL series Bipolar power supplies 2 or 4 quadrant power supplies are replaced by the H&H QL series. These power supplies are also known as Unipolar or Bipolar DC power supplies. The NL power supplies can supply both current (power) and dissipate (Source & Sink mode). The standard available models have 100 Watts to 3200W (optional up to 10kW), with voltages from -1V to +100V for unipolar units and ±50V for bipolar power supplies. The currents run up to ±320A. The H&H NL series Bipolar power supplies can function as a constant voltage source and constant power source, but can also be used as an amplifier (up to 2500Hz). The fast control behavior from source to sink mode makes the NL series ideal for controlling capacitive or inductive loads, for example.

The H&H NL Bipolar power supplies Source – Sink functions

All Source – Sink functions are adjustable via the easy-to-use front panel. In addition to the standard USB and RS232 digital interface, the GPIB interface is also optionally available. In combination with the extensive software packages, dynamic and sequential tests can also be carried out. Special battery test software, for example, helps the user define charging and discharge curves. After this, the NL series, in combination with the software, will be suitable for charging, discharging, cycling, capacity determination etc. Optionally, the H&H NL series power supplies also offer the possibility of temperature measurement. Useful for testing lithium batteries, for example, where charging should be switched off when the temperature is too high. Another option is the digital I/O. Depending on digital signals or charging conditions, the charge/discharge can be discontinued and external processes can even be initiated.

For registration of fast events, there is also the data acquisition option available, where voltage and current are simultaneously and quickly measured and stored in internal memory. If you want to use your own acquisition system, analog measurement signals are also available via the standard analog I/O module.

The H&H NL series Bipolar power supplies consist of 36 two quadrant and 26 four quadrant power supplies.

In addition to Höcherl & Hackl NL models, TTMS also carries bipolar power supplies of NF Corp, Toellner, Rohde & Schwarz, and Cinergia.
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