The H&H ACL series electronic loads are suitable for both DC and AC voltages up to a frequency of 1,000Hz. 1-phase and 3-phase models are available. Multiple single-phase units can be configured to a 3-phase in a parallel, star or delta configuration. There are also 3-phase models in one housing.

The clear 4.3″ touch screen makes operation clear and simple. Different waveforms are defined directly through the user interface, from phase angle and crest factor to harmonics and random current waveforms. Phase shift between load current and voltage is possible in combination with crest factor or phase angle control.

The measured values are numerically displayed for all channels/phases or are displayed in an oscilloscope-like way versus time in a graph. The automatic amplitude correction keeps the RMS value of the current constant, even with a variable crest factor.

These ACL series electronic AC loads are suitable for voltages up to 280Vrms or 500Vrms and can be used in CC, CR, CP and CV mode. With alternating current, the set waveform is applied to the charging current independently of the input voltage. In resistance mode, the current level and waveform depend on the level and waveform of the input voltage. In energy and voltage mode, the power or voltage regulated by software by adjusting the input current. Single phase units are available with power ratings from 500W to 21kW. The 3-phase models are suitable for power ratings from 3 x 1,400W to 3 x 8,400W.

In all operating modes, the ACL load can emulate charging profiles using the LIST function. Up to 300 setpoints of variable duration with corresponding rise and fall times are possible. Sampling times can be defined separately for each profile. Voltage and current are measured synchronously and stored with a time stamp. Different dynamic load profiles can be programmed in which the waveform itself can also be varied. For example, there is an arbitrary function for the realization of harmonic distortion, phase control currents and Crest factor.

All control functions of the ACL series electronic loads are also adjustable or controllable via the optional, galvanically isolated I/O port. The ACL series is standard equipped with RS-232, USB, LAN, GPIB and the CAN System bus for Master-Slave use.

H&H ACL Electronic AC Loads Models

1-phase 280V 1-phase 500V
ACLS1028 ACLS1050
ACLS1428 ACLS1450
ACLS2828 ACLS2850
ACLS4228 ACLS4250
ACLS5628 ACLS5650
ACLS7028 ACLS7050
ACLS8428 ACLS8450
ACLS9828 ACLS9850
ACLS11228 ACLS11250
ACLS12628 ACLS12650
ACLS14028 ACLS14050
ACLS15428RV ACLS15450
ACLS16828RV ACLS16850
ACLS18228RV ACLS18250
ACLS19628RV ACLS19650
ACLS21028RV ACLS21050
3-phase 280V 3-phase 500V
ACLT4228 ACLT4250
ACLT8428 ACLT8450
ACLT12628 ACLT12650
ACLT16828 ACLT16850
ACLT21028 ACLT21050
ACLT25228 ACLT25250

If you have questions about prices and/or delivery times, or if you want a demonstration of one of the ACL Series electronic DC taxes please contact us. We will gladly advise you in choosing the best electronic DC load for your application.

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