ERI series DC loads from H&H

Höcherl & Hackl has expanded its product portfolio with a series of regenerative DC loads; The ERI series DC loads.

The ERI series DC loads comprises three performance classes from 3600 W to 10800 W. In addition to the standard modes (constant current, constant voltage, constant voltage, constant power and constant resistance), these DC loads can also work in CCV mode (constant current up to a certain voltage level) and CVC mode (constant voltage up to a certain current level). Voltage and current limit values are adjustable. Six models are available with a voltage increasing from 120 V / 330 A to no less than 400 V /135 A. Efficiency is about 95%.

It is also possible to carry out dynamic loads using a list of up to 300 setpoints. In addition to logging the measurement data via all digital interfaces, it is also possible to store the data on an external USB flash drive. There is a wide range of interfaces as standard: Ethernet, USB, RS-232, analog I/O and CAN.
Optionally, they are the insulated analog I/O interface and the GPIB interface.
Programming may be done by means of a SCPI command set, but H&H also provides extensive software packages for controlling the ERI series DC loads as standard. This ranges from simply changing all settings to a list mode with all dynamic tests. Labview drivers are also available.

The green electronic tax

The advantages are clear: the recycling of energy is of course better for the environment than converting this energy into superfluous heat.
And it often goes a step further. This excess heat usually has to be removed by air conditioning.
The energy saving is therefore much greater if only the energy delivered back to the grid. For large capacities, the lighter grid connection is also often an additional financial advantage.
(Note: there are restrictions attached to returning energy to the grid.)

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